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Gemma Arterton and Alec Baldwin for ZEISS Art Calendar 2014

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// The Disney Eras//


When we talk about eras of Disney feature animation, there are only two terms that are universally accepted: the Disney Renaissance and the Post-Renaissance era. Both of these are used to describe the modern era of Disney Animation (1989 to the present). However, another term gets thrown around: the Dark Age, which refers either to the era right after Walt Disney’s death or to the period after the Disney Renaissance. I personally feel that this is an unfair assessment to both of those eras. Calling these films “the Dark Age” immediately puts a negative concept towards them. Though the films from 1970 to 1988 were not the top grossing animated films they are still memorable and important to the history of animation. Throughout its over 70 year history, Disney has produced great films that are critically acclaimed. Though beloved, some did not perform as well as earlier films or were panned at the box office. So I’ve decided to try and find names that fit each era without any negative connotations.

The Walt Disney Era (1937-1967)

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Paweł Jońca ~ “The Seed”


Paweł Jońca ~ “The Seed”

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